Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 16

In an effort to keep memories of  my departed daughter Krystal Birdsong alive, Birdsong has taken to posting some of the writings found  in her journals.  Some of her writing was real heavy.  The following piece is not heavy — it’s breezy.  This was a fashion piece she was writing for the Barry U newspaper.

Fall Fashion  2005

This fall’s fashion trends and themes are so plentiful and rich that there really is something for everyone.  From dark, gothic styles to a bohemian look with a twist to masculine chic, and a revamping of the 70’s this fall fashion is a free for all.

Here’s how to get the looks:


Black is back and darker then ever before.  The key this time around is femininity and shape, with emphasis on the waist.  A skinny black pencil skirt and black blazer carefully cinched around the waist combined with some pointy, patent leather t-strap stilettos would be a perfect fit for you graduate students out there.

Pair that same pencil skirt with a plain black tank top embellished with rhinestones, studs, or other metallic accents with funky ballerina flats and you’r set for an everyday outing.  Add a sense of gothic mystery to your look with dark violet finger nail polish (keep your nails short for darker shades) and add a spooky spider or insect ring….

Birdsong misses his baby daughter Krystal so much….

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