Weird Criminal Law Stories 81

Chicago,IL : Thieves snatch man’s legs!  Wilbert Weeks was 4 years old when he lost both his legs as a result of severe burns.  In mid July 2009, the 66 year old Chicago resident lost his legs a second time — at the hands of two teenage thieves who broke in to his home while he watched the Discovery Channel, pistol whipped him and stole his prosthetic legs and an identification card.  “They hit me in the head with a pistol, snatched my legs and ran out,” he told Chicago police.  The thieves got away, but Weeks’ legs were recovered, undamaged in an alley near his house.  He suffered a minor bruise and needed no medical treatment.

Talk about despicable conduct…stealing a man’s legs!  Who could have the thieves sold them to?  Weeks, maybe?

Mays Landing, NJ: A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to stealing 91 lobster tails from an Atlantic City casino’s kitchen by cramming them into his jacket and backpack.  Anthony Jones took the frozen lobsters from Bally’s Atlantic City in February 2009, and tried to sneak them out of the casino when an alert security guard noticed that Jones’ clothes appeared unusually bulky.  Jones pleaded guilty in July and was sentenced to four years in prison.  The lobsters, worth $1,275, were destroyed.

At least he was not stupid enough to have stuffed the lobsters in his pants!

Chicago, IL: Federal authorities in Chicago have charged an 18 year old Chicago man with selling counterfeit $100 bills with serial numbers that match nearly $113,000 worth of fake cash nationwide.  The U.S. attorney’s office revealed that Arthur J. Williams III had been arrested by the U.S. Secret Service.

…but did they find the printing press?

Shelton, CT: Police say a suspected bank robber got his inspiration from an ad for “Public Enemies,” the new movie about John Dillinger.  Shawn Gullberg, 26, was accused of robbing two banks and telling police that a commercial advertising “Public Enemies” gave him the idea for how to make money for drugs quickly.


Harwood Heights, IL: An allegedly drunken man forced to walk home after police arrested his friend for DUI is suing police after he fell through a storefront window and hurt himself.  Timothy Jensen is suing  Harwood Heights, a suburb of Chicago, claiming it’s officer violated department policy by not arranging for a ride home for him, according to his lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court.  Jensen was a passenger in a car pulled over in July of 2008.  The cop arrested the driver and made Jensen and another passenger walk after seeing their blood shot and glassy eyes.  A few blocks away, Jensen, in a heavily intoxicated state fell through a storefront window and suffered severe injuries, according to the suit.


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