More Weird Chicago Criminal Law

Birdsong travelled to Chicago twice this past summer on ABA business.  Chicago certainly has it share of weird criminal law stories.  Here are a few more of them.

May, 2010:  A Chicago woman is suing a hair salon because she was hurt falling through its window from the sidewalk — while trying to kick her husband after they had a few drinks.  Melanie Shaker contends in her court papers that window should have been fortified since it is on a street “frequently travelled by intoxicated pedestrians.”

Now that is Chuptza.

August 10, 2009: Police in Northwest Chicago arrested a man they say was chucking heavy rocks from his Oldsmobile at other moving cars during a three week period.  Daniel M. Phelan, 27, was arrested August 3rd after at least 10 reports of rocks hit cars on a stretch of road between Ella Road and Illinois Route 59, say detectives.  Asked by police why he was driving around with a pile of rocks on his passenger seat, Phelan said he was geologist.  He later confessed that he collected the rocks in a forest preserve and on his way home he sometimes threw them out the window.  Phelan told police, “If he hit anyone it was an accident.” He was charged with five counts of misdemeanor reckless conduct and five counts of felony criminal damage to property.  Police speculated that Phelan might have “some internal anger issues.


August 9, 2009: A mother rushing her terminally ill toddler to a hospital ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle Saturday morning in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  Authorities confirmed that the 2 year old boy is dead, although the crash was not believed to have caused his death.  The boy was suffering from leukemia and was in hospice care the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

The postman always rings twice….

August 8, 2009: The man who knocked down popular WLS-Channel 7 news anchor Cheryl Burton and punched five others in a fist-throwing rampage was committed Friday to six years in a state mental health facility. In June a Cook County Judge found Gregory Perdue not guilty by reason of insanity of aggravated battery charges for the April, 2008 punching spree on downtown State Street. The 28 year old suffers from schizophrenia.

We wonder if Burton’s news reporting was so bad that it set him off?

August 7, 2009: It is over between the Chicago based William Wrigley, Jr. Company and R&B singer Chris Brown.  A Wrigley spokeswoman confirmed Thursday that the chewing gum giant had severed its ties with Brown in the wake of his guilty pleas to one count of felony assault on his girlfriend Rihanna.  Brown had been at the center of an elaborate music-centric marketing plan for Wrigley’s gum.  Brown composed and sang the song Forever, which included the lyric “double your pleasure, double your fun.”  That song was subsequently incorporated as a jingle in Doublemint gum commercials.  When news of Brown’s assault first surfaced Wrigley immediately suspended the commercial campaign.  With the guilty pleas Wrigley has dropped Brown.

Silly ass rapper!

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