Weird Criminal Law Stories 95

Los Angeles, CA: August 4, 2009.  A man has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for selling hallucinogenic mushrooms to a teen who was killed when she wandered naked into traffic.  Steve Roman, 31, was sentenced after pleading guilty in April to felony drug charges.  He sold psilocybin mushrooms to Victoria Nugent, 17, who walked naked onto US 101 and was hit by a car.

So sad……

Oakland, CA: If you’re going to pretend to be cop you better know the real ones.  Antonio Martinez, driving a car outfitted with flashing lights and speakers, tried to pull over a car driven by a person who looked like an easy mark in Oakland, apparently to rob him.  However, the driver of that car was an undercover police officer, who promptly arrested him.

Martinez es “El Stupido.”

Myrtle Beach, SC: An employee of a Myrtle Beach Japanese hibachi restaurant used a cleaver to fend off a robber dressed in a gorilla suit, cops said.  The two struggled, and the employee whacked the monkey-man on the arm with the cleaver.  The ape fled with the cleaver lodged in his gorilla suit.


Baltimore, MD: Baltimore police say a burglary suspect mistakenly declared dead by medics after he was shot by an officer laid on a convenience store floor for half an hour before anyone noticed he was still alive.  Michael Quarles, 51, was shot early one August Saturday morning when he lunged at a police officer with a long screwdriver, said a police spokesman.  EMT’s pronounced Quarles dead, and then left.  But officers noticed about 30 minutes later that Quarles was moving and called medics back.  Quarles was taken to a trauma center where he remained in critical condition.

Sounds like a “suicide by cop” situation that went horribly wrong.

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