Weird European Criminal Law Stories

SPAIN: It’s called butt profiling!  Spanish customs officers stopped a man coming through Barcelona’s airport because he had an unusually large behind — and found 14 pounds of cocaine strapped to his rear.  When investigators got to the bottom of it, they found a pair of neoprene pants with pockets holding 160 packages of  blow.

A new twist on “Junk in the Trunk”…..

Limoges, france:  This is one way to avoid an exam.  A 29 year old medical student in Limoges stabbed himself twice in the stomach before a scheduled residency examination.  He then claimed he had been assaulted.  Of course, it didn’t work.  It was discovered that the student had a history of pulling stunts to avoid exams and later admitted the he had stabbed himself.  He faces a possible jail term for up to six months.


FRANCE: It is reported that a 20 year old video game nut, Julien Barreaux, hunted down a rival gamer who beat his character in the online game Counter-Strike and tried to stab him to death –in real life.  Barreaux narrowly missed his opponent’s heart and is now undergoing psychiatric tests.

Sacre Bleu!  it’s only a game.  Get a life Julien!

ROMANIA: A head start on a life of crime!  Police investigating a burglary in a kindergarten in Romania were surprised to find the mastermind was a 5 year old boy.  Several rooms had been ransacked, but the tip-off was theft of the nursery’s entire collection of toys.  The kid told police he “missed the toys and couldn’t wait until school starts again.”

Bad kid!

RUSSIA:  A Russian Businessman who set up a museum dedicated to Josef Stalin was found bludgeoned and electrocuted.  The body of Vasily Bukhtiyenko was found at a tennis court in Volgograd, the city formerly known as Stalingrad.  Police say the motive for the murder was unclear, but there has been resistance efforts to rehabilitate Stalin’s image in Russia,

Resistance to rehabilitation…you think?

SWEDEN:  A Swedish couple was charged with sexual deviancy for allegedly have sex in the back of a passenger bus.  Other riders were aghast at the alleged love making on the ride through southern Sweden.  the amorous couple denies the titillating allegations.  “She only stroked me on my stomach inside my shirt,” the man told police.

They should’ve gotten a room…

SCOTLAND:  He was no victim!  A 91 year old retired Scottish police officer and World War II hero fought off a burglar who broke into his home and tried to steal money and his medals.  “He gave me a black eye, so I gave him one back,” said William Hook.  He expects the bandit to go to jail, but noted, “I’ve come through worse things in my life.  I had a rough time as a POW, but I survived.”


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