Weird Criminal Law Stories 96

Here we go again with more weird criminal law stories.  Where do they get these folks?

Murray, UT: Be careful what you use for scrap paper!  A bandit in Utah passed a demand note to a bank teller, got some money and left.  When police looked at the back of the note, they were happy to find he had used a receipt from a drug screening that included his name and birthday.  He was quickly arrested.


ALASKA: A bumbling bank robber in Alaska was arrested after he showed a teller his real ID.  Jarrell Arnold, 34, asked to check his account balance, flashed his ID, and then handed over a note demanding cash, police said.  Arnold made off with $600, but was arrested before long.


New Brunswick, Canada: The most stupid criminal in Canada decided to rob a New Brunswick convenience store and waited patiently to be buzzed through the glass door.  Since he was wearing a mask and carrying a gun, the clerk refused to press the button. The doofus finally fled.


North Bend, OR: A brazen burglar was arrested after breaking into a police station in North Bend.  Embarrassed officers eventually caught up with Robert Lloyd Finder, 26, but only after he made off with a radio, two stun guns and a patrol car. “I’m so upset about it, I can’t even find any humor in it,”  Chief Steve Scibelli said. “It’s pretty embarrassing.”

Sure nuff…

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