Weird Criminal Law Stories 97

Nashville, TN: A 9 year old Nashville girl led police on an 80 mph predawn chase along an interstate when she hopped in her grandmother’s car and took off.  The developmentally disabled child finally stopped the car on the highway before hitting a police cruiser.  She was released to her parents.

Hope they can hide the car keys from her.

Independence, MO: Nuns without guns!  Nuns from a convent in Independence chased a gun-toting burglar from the home he was breaking in to.  One of the nuns kept up the pursuit until police caught up with him.

Wonder if she was ready to spank his hands with her ruler?

Hong Kong:  A Chinese bank employee undergoing a sex change sued his boss for discrimination after being assigned a “genderless” bathroom.  He says that since he is becoming a woman, he should be allowed to use the ladies room.

Perhaps, he likes to cop a squat…

Austria: A teenager driving in Austria was fined after “mooning” his pals in another car only to discover the vehicle next to it was an unmarked police car.

Bet that took a lot of cheek….

Mississippi: A Mississippi man is learning not to mess with the IRS.  Wiley Kuykendall challenged the government’s authority to tax by suing the IRS for $1.1 billion– all the while allegedly failing to pay taxes on almost $1 million in income.  The former insurance salesman now faces up to four years in the federal pen.

Heck of a salesman…but stupid!

Maryland: How about this for an activist judge!  A Maryland circuit court judge who was angry that people kept parking illegally in the courthouse parking lot admitted he deflated people’s tires.  Justice Robert Nalley is not apologetic even though he could be sanctioned.


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