Weird Criminal Law Stories 98

Allentown, PA: A Pennsylvania psych-hospital worker has admitted giving nails to a patient and getting her to swallow them.  Athena Marie Miller, a former trainee at Allentown State Hospital, pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment.  She showed an 18 year old female patient how to swallow nails in January of 2009.  Four nails had to be removed from the patient’s stomach.

Sounds like crazy Athena should be one of the psych  patients…

Oregon:  An ailing 83 year old Oregon woman who made a miraculous recovery from her deathbed discovered that two of her relatives had stolen her blind.  Evelyn Roth, who had been hospital-bound with cancer for the last two years, came to only to find that two of her relatives with power of attorney had sold her house and pocketed $235,000.  Also, the relatives did “pre-pay” for the elderly woman’s funeral.


Saint Paul, MN: A cop has been arrested for breaking into the Minneapolis-Saint Paul zoo — to feed Pop-Tarts to its three gorillas.  Zoo officials say that while the sugary treat is not the apes’ recommended diet, the animals suffered no ill effects.

One question: WHY!

Philadelphia, PA: The Republican candidate for district attorney in Philly will wear an electronic monitoring bracelet for 30 days.  And he isn’t even accused of anything.  Michael Untermeyer says it will show how the technology would save the city millions of dollars by moving nonviolent offenders out of jail.

Yep, great idea…

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