Weird Criminal Law Stories 99

Canton, OH: Judge Stephen Belden, unhappy with repeated interruptions from a robbery suspect in Canton courtroom, ordered a deputy to put duct tape over the defendant’s mouth.  When it was removed, the alleged perpetrator complained that the judge hadn’t been respectful!

Oh BOO HOO…But the Judge made his ruling stick, yuk, yuk…

Long Island, NY: In a strange twist, police arrested a Hispanic man for tossing a bottle and a piece of wood at parishioners of a Hispanic church in an area of Long Island plagued by racial strife — and charged him with a hate crime.  Christhian Munguia Garcia was also charged with breaking into the same church and leaving threatening anti-Hispanic notes, according to police.  One of the notes, written in Spanish, declared “Hispanics do not rule.  Whites do!”  No one was hurt at the church and congregants quickly caught up to Garcia and held him for police.

Garcia sounds like Senor Poco Loco…

Joliet, IL: A woman in Illinois blew up a car and suffered severe burns by checking how much gas she had poured into a can by flicking a cigarette lighter next to it.  In at least one wise move, the woman pushed her car away from the gas pump to avoid blowing up the station.


Durant, OK: Authorities in Oklahoma, responding to a call that “shrubs” were littering a road, found that the offending greenery was actually $500,000 worth of high grade marijuana plants.  Officer Chuck Caroll believes the 236 plants — which had been grown indoors — were tossed after a domestic dispute.

Whoever threw them out must have been Potty…ha,ha,ha….

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