Weird Criminal Law Stories 100

Birdsong has been bringing you weird criminal law stories for a year and a half now.  Hope you have had a few laughs from reading them. Here is edition number 100.  What a milestone.  Enjoy.

Turkey: A stitch in time saves five for a Turkish woman charged with slicing off her lover’s penis.  That’s because a court has put off sentencing her for 18 months to see if the man’s reattached penis still functions.  If it does, she will get three years in jail.  If it does not, she will get eight years.  She gave him the cruelest cut because he broke a promise to marry her, and forced her into prostitution.


Austria: An Austrian man was hit with a $100 fine when he farted loudly while being questioned by police, causing passers-by to break into hysterics, humiliating the police officers.  “This was no accident.  He clearly intended to make a laughingstock out of officers and deserved what he got,” said a police spokesman.


Austin, TX : A Texas man got a 30 day jail sentence for contempt of court after criticizing a judge in a courthouse men’s room.  State District Judge Jack Robinson ordered 69 year old Don Bandelman released following two days in jail after a state appeals court in Austin made inquiries into the matter.  Robinson had granted temporary custody of Bandelman’s 13 year old  granddaughter to his son’s ex-wife.  Records reviewed by the Austin newspaper show Bandelman followed the judge into the men’s room at the Caldwell County courthouse and berated him as “a fool” for his ruling.

Bet the headline read…”Judge gets pissed off in the men’s room!”  Yuk, Yuk…

Chicago, IL: Here’s one of those “guns don’t kill people — people kill people” stories.  A well known Chicago gun rights activist was found smothered with a pillow, and 43 guns were stolen from his home.  Carl Kuhn’s family initially reported that the 82 year old had died of natural causes, but police have begun a criminal investigation.  No suspects yet.

Yes, weird….

Ephrata, PA: Anthony Miller considered his marriage a life sentence.  Thus, he robbed a bank in Ephrata, hoping he would be sent to jail — where he could get away from his overbearing wife.  He told the judge he had been afraid to leave her because she had threatened to kill herself.  The couple did eventually divorce, but Miller will still spend three to six years behind bars.

Perhaps, the sex in prison will be better…

Michigan:  There is not much one Michigan man wouldn’t do on the first date — including stealing a car!  Terrance Dejuan McCoy, 23, allegedly asked his victim out to dinner, but when the check came, he told his date he had left his wallet in her car.  After the trusting woman tossed him the keys, he stuck her with the bill and sped off, police said.

What a jerk!

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