Weird Criminal Law Stories 108

Siberia, Russia:  A 45-year old Siberian woman, who can not stop killing her mates, was convicted of fatally stabbing her third lover and will now spend the next 12 years behind bars, according to authorities.  Irina Rybalko previously convicted of killing her husband in 1992 and a boyfriend in 1997, was sent to a prison colony, a Novosibrisk legal department spokesman said.

Sounds like a “black widow.”  Men beware!

Dallas, TX:  Police in Dallas are under fire for giving tickets to drivers who do not speak English.  The rogue language enforcers were slapping violators with $204 fines, even though there is no law saying drivers must speak English.  Police Chief David Kunkle said he will cancel the fines.

Que estupido!

Jacksonville, FL:  A homeless man walked into a Jacksonville pet store and stole a live ferret by stuffing it in his pants.  When a teenager approached Rodney Bolton in the parking lot, the thief tossed the ferret in the young man’s face, leaving scratches and bite marks, police said.  Bolton was charged with battery with a “special weapon.”

Q. Hey, man what are you in for?  A.  Assault with a Deadly Ferret.

India:  Police in one town in India were wondering why their station house smelled so bad for the past two years.  They then learned the source of the smell.  They were shocked to find a rotting corpse that had been on the roof all this time.  Police had meant to send the body to the coroner, but accidentally put it on the roof and forgot about it.

This is worse than the Keystone cops!  Who would store a corpse on a roof of a police station?

Rapid City, SD: This is about one honest thief.  Lonnie Pannell, of Rapid City, robbed a bank and got away with $2,800, police said.  He was arrested about a day later.  When he was booked into jail, an officer filling out a form asked him for his occupation.  “Robbery,” he replied.

Ol’ honest Abe…

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