Weird Criminal Law Stories 109

Arkansas:  Arkansas police are hunting for whoever made off with two container trucks filled with a half-million dollars worth of tampons and other feminine hygiene products.  Cops think the thieves did not have a clue what they they were making off with, since the resale market for tampons isn’t booming.

Stick it!

Ft. Pierce, FL:  A Forida man accused of killing his son-in-law in New Jersey is arguing that he was unable to commit the crime because he was too fat.  When Edward Ates took the witness stand in his own defense he told jurors he would not have had the energy to climb and descend the staircase where prosecutors say the killer was perched when he shot Paul Duncsak, a 40 year old pharmaceutical executive, in 2006.  An attorney for Ates claims that in 2006, the 62 year old who stood 5 feet 8 inches and tipped the scales at 285 pounds, was in such bad physical shape that he could not have pulled off the shooting or the fast getaway the killer made.

Good argument.  However, the jury seldom buys it.

Palermo, Italy:  A judge in Palermo thought he was being lenient by sentencing Santo Gambino to house arrest for illegally dumping construction waste.  He was wrong!  After a couple of days, 30 year old Gambino left home and begged for a jail sentence because he could not stand his wife’s “nonstop nagging.”  The judge sent him back home, ordering him to “try to get along” with his wife.

Heaven was never like this!

Lexington, KY: A man arrested for trying to steal a car from a dealership in Lexington, told police he did it because God told him to do so.  David Silva said God particularly wanted him to have a Dodge Charger.  At first, he told police his name was Seven.  Silva was charged with attempted theft and criminal mischief.

Nut job.

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