Weird Criminal Law Stories 110

Australia: An Australian driver was involved in two fatal wrecks at the same intersection seven years apart. Both times, Michelle Thiele failed to look left before pulling out, each time killing a male driver. Officials blasted her “limited aptitude, competence and temperament.”

Down right spooky!

Tampa, FL:  This one probably violates the American with Disabilities Act. A bank in Florida refused to cash a check for an armless man because he could not provide a thumbprint. “They looked at my prosthetic hand and the teller said, ‘Well, obviously you can’t give us a thumbprint’,” Steve Valdez told CNN news. Valdez said the Bank of America branch in downtown Tampa, still insisted on a thumbprint identification for him to cash a check drawn on his wife’s account at the bank, even though he showed them two photo IDs. A bank supervisor told Valdez he could only cash the check without a thumbprint if he brought his wife in with him or he opened an account with them. Valdez told him he neither wanted to open an account and could not bring his wife because she was nowhere close.

Yep, a violation of the ADA. They should have made accommodations for him.

California: A gangster convicted of murder told a California jury deciding his fate that he wants a death sentence — because life is better on death row than elsewhere in prison. The lawyer for Billy Joe Johnston, 46, said by the time his client’s appeals run out, he’ll be ready to die of natural causes.

A sad commentary on the death penalty.

Helena, MT: Two Montana men were busted for trying to hawk a truckload of stolen goods to a pawn shop in hopes of drumming up money to bail a buddy out of jail. Helena police chief Troy McGee said the store’s clerk grew suspicious and called the cops when the thieves showed up with $20,000 worth of bikes and televisions.

Thieving numbskulls!

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