Weird Criminal Law Stories 115

Waco, TX: Call her a real boob! A Texas trickster, Trista Joy Lathern, 24, faked having cancer and spent $10,000 raised at a benefit in her honor to get breast implants to salvage her seven-month marriage. Lathern, of Waco, was arrested and charged with theft by deception. Police said she shaved her head to look like she was going through chemotherapy, then had friends organize a benefit.


Pennsylvania: Police caught a couple of soaking-wet thieves who were trying to lift some pipe from an abandoned house — not realizing that the water was still on. The pair tried to explain that they had nothing to do with the gushing pipe sticking out of the wall, but police didn’t believe them.

Yes, yes, we know… Their story was all wet. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Tampa, FL : More water! A Florida woman and her 6-year old son survived after she slammed the family pickup truck into a 1,500 gallon saltwater fish tank at Tampa International Airport. The fish were not so lucky. Forty of them died and the airport suffered damages of $200,000.

Glug, glug…

Manatee, FL: Still more water! A Manatee man was charged with illegal dumping — for allegedly pushing his girlfriend’s car into a river after a lover’s quarrel. They were arguing in her car on a Sunday when he kicked her out and drove to the nearest boat ramp, where witnesses spotted him giving the vehicle a shove into the water.


Oregon: There are many stories about heroic police dogs. This next story is not one of them. An Oregon burglar, trying to break into a residence, escaped police capture after a police dog bit the innocent homeowner and let the prowler get away. Adding insult to injury, police have yet to apologize to the man, who suffered a chomp on the behind. The police chief said only that the incident was “unfortunate.”

Yes, unfortunate. There will probably be a lawsuit by the homeowner.

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