Weird Criminal Law Stories 116

Somerville, NJ: A quadriplegic man blocked from buying a gun to go hunting has a right to bear arms even though he will have to use a wheelchair mount to use the firearm, a New Jersey court has ruled. Manville’s borough police chief had rejected James Cap’s application for a gun license last year, citing safety concerns. A judge decided in November 2009, that the 46-year old Cap is eligible for a firearms ID, which is required to buy a gun. The judge addressed the safety issues by requiring Cap to have qualified people to assist him with weapons. Cap was an avid hunter as a teenager. He was paralyzed 30-years ago after breaking his neck playing high-school football. He plans to mount the gun on a wheelchair and operate it with a breathing tube.

Score one more victory for the NRA…

Anchorage, AK: An Alaska man was convicted in early November 2009, for holding his mother at gunpoint after she refused to help him pay a $430 ticket. High strung scofflaw Cheng Saele, 27, went into his bedroom, grabbed a gun and put it to his mother’s head last year after she wouldn’t help him pay his fine.


Brevard County, FL: Commissioners in Brevard unanimously passed a bill exempting horse owners from a pooper-scooper law. Horse owner Wanette Dyer testified, “To stop a 1,000-pound animal, get off, hold it while you try to put the poop in a bag is just not a good idea.”

The newspaper headline read: Only a horse’s ass would have voted “neigh.”

Orange County, FL: It was the case of Mickey Mouse v. Donald Duck. The famed mouse has filed a trademark infringement case against his duck pal in Orange County court. The filing is more than likely the work of a prankster. Why? Well, Mickey Mouse is being represented by Juan Abogado of Candy Cane Lane. Donald Duck is being represented by Pluto.

As you probably know — Abogado– means lawyer in Spanish.

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