Weird Criminal Law Stories 119

New Jersey: It is said he was the most stylish bank robber wannabe in New Jersey. A 25-year old man dressed up in his mother’s pink blouse, black coat and scarf, drove to her bank, and tried to convince the teller that he was his mom. After he presented a forged withdrawal slip, the teller called cops, who arrested him.

Cross dressing and bank robbery seldom lead to anything good.

Germany: A German crook decided to quit while he was still behind. The 24-year old tried to rob two hotels — and in each case fled empty handed with security guards chasing him. Then he tried but failed to break into the local tax office in Muelheim an der Ruhr. Finally, the bandit wannabe gave up without a fuss after being trapped in a getaway van he used to ram an armored car. “He needs a change of job,” said one police officer.

Sounds like he will get a new one in jail!

India: Boy, are they ever in for a shock. Robbers targeting city bus conductors in India will become conductors themselves — of electricity, that is, now that officials have wired the money compartments to deliver a 250 volt shock if tampered with. Bus lines in northern Haryana State have long been the target of highwaymen who target the vehicles for their fares.


Knoxville, TN: A thief tried to walk out of a Knoxville shoe store after cramming a bunch of shoes into his pockets. He apparently did not realize they were all for the left foot — their mates were in a display case. Since he could not wear them, he tried to flee barefoot through the parking lot — where he was spotted by, who else, a gumshoe.

Here it comes… This thief got off on the wrong foot… Yuk, yuk, yuk…

New Zealand: This had to sting! Rustlers in New Zealand made off with more than 1 million bees from a beekeeper. The thieves stole 26 hives — each containing 50,000 bees and worth about $7,500. “I’m pretty upset,” said beekeeper John Tyler.


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