Weird Criminal Law Stories 120

Sweden: These folks certainly were not trying to keep their romance secret. A Swedish couple made so much noise in bed that their landlord tried to evict them. “Their screams of passion were so loud, I could hear them three floors away,” said one building resident. “I don’t think they were playing cards.”

Betcha they were faking it…

Indiana: If he had just brought the kid inside, he might have been the father of the year. Instead, an Indiana trucker was arrested when he left his 5-year old son in the cab of his tractor-trailer while he went inside a strip club to drink. Police caught on to his poor parenting when he called to say his truck had been stolen only to find he was too drunk to remember where he parked it.


Commerce, GA: “You kids wait in the shopping cart. We’ll be right back.”  A couple in Commerce, ditched their two kids — ages 9 and 9 months — in a Wal-Mart cart while they frantically tried to score bargains at nearby stores on “Black Friday” in 2009. “You know how it is on Black Friday,” said Sheriff Charles Chapman, who arrested the two for reckless conduct. “My guess is they thought the kids would slow them down.”


Arapahoe County, CO: How about this for a way to crash the lines at the local DMV. Officials in Arapahoe County say a disgruntled driver deliberately smashed his truck through a window at the DMV center. Police believe he was upset because he showed up just after it had closed for the day.

Sounds like someone has anger management issues…

Sioux Falls, SD: It’s still the Wild West in South Dakota. A teenager was arrested in Sioux Falls when he allegedly shot his mother with a bow and arrow. The 17-year old used a fishing pole and a shoelace to make the bow and fashioned an arrow out of a sharpened plastic rod. The mother had a minor injury. The sheriff took the boy to jail.


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