Weird Criminal Law Stories 121

Georgia: Georgia’s Supreme Court recently issued a landmark decision in a case of law ‘n order. It threw out a conviction of a man convicted of auto theft for stealing a riding lawn mower. It ruled that even if a lawnmower has a powerful engine and can be driven on the street, it is still not a motor vehicle.

Wonder why it took the court so long to figure this out?

Nashville, TN: Seems even St. Nick can be mistaken for a terrorist. Police evacuated the statehouse in Nashville, when the mailroom reported that a package addressed to the governor contained a suspicious number of moving parts. After the bomb squad destroyed the package, they found the remains of a mechanical Santa.

Ho Ho Ho…

Middletown, OH: What a dopey robber. Derek Kidd, 33, was allowed back inside the Middletown police station to make a call after he was sprung on a disorderly conduct charge. While nobody was looking, Kidd allegedly stole a police hat, candy and two hypodermic needles. “He was arrested for being stupid,” said police Maj. Mark Hoffman.

Hypodermic needles? Sounds more like a hospital than a police station.

Tyler, TX: A man in Tyler called police to report that someone had kicked in the front door and broken into his home. The resident ran out and called the police. When they arrived, officers found the 25-year old intruder taking a bath.

We know, we know… He should have made a clean getaway. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

New Hampshire: They say it’s the thought that counts… but maybe not. A New Hampshire court bailiff landed in hot water after selling stolen Christmas wreaths to colleagues. The court official said he had been given the ornaments by an elderly neighbor who said she had made them, but actually they had been stolen from a flower shop.

Bad Santa!!

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