Weird Criminal Law Stories 122

Hutchinson, KS: Kids, don’t try this one in court. A Kansas defense attorney who wanted to illustrate for jurors the meaning of “imminent threat” pulled out a hand grenade in a Hutchinson court, pulled the pin and put it down on the prosecutor’s table. The lawyer said the grenade was a dud. His client was a woman accused of forgery and theft. She claimed a co-defendant had threatened to kill her dog and harm her daughter if she didn’t take part in the scheme. The lawyer may face charges.

Ka-Boom! That stunt sure blew up in his face!

China: A Chinese couple was so desperate for long distance calling, they sold their newborn son to raise money for a cell phone. The couple got 2,500 yuan — about $368 — for the baby.  But they never got the chance to ask, “Can you hear me now?” because police learned of the deal and arrested them.

What a family calling plan!

Kent, CT: Bernie Madoff should have hired this lady’s lawyer. A 76-year old former bank clerk was sentenced to a day in jail for stealing $722,000 in customers’ money over 30 years. Betty Pacocha of Kent would use the cash from depositors CDs for her own use and would replenish the money as the accounts matured by stealing from others.

We wonder whether the statute of limitations may have mandated such a light sentence?

Pennsylvania: An Amish man asleep behind the reins was arrested for alleged drunken driving — in his buggy. An off-duty cop reported seeing  the 22-year old slumped over and slumbering one Sunday night in December as the buggy straddled the center line while the horse ambled slowly along.

I thought the Amish didn’t drink alcohol…

Nashville, TN: A Corvette stolen in 1970 from Chance Mayfield in Nashville, is being returned — in prime condition — by an antique car dealer who checked an insurance database. When the thief drove it away 39 years ago, it was worth about $2,200. Now it would go for $65,000. Mayfield recalled walking out of a bar to find the blue car gone. “That ruined my night,” he said.


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