Weird Criminal Law Stories 123

Louisiana: He was breaking up with her, but still… A Louisiana woman was arrested for cooking her man a hot breakfast — and dumping it on him. Carolyn Brown, 44, allegedly dumped scalding hot grits over her boyfriend after he announced he was leaving her. He was treated for second-degree burns, and she was busted by police.


Washington, DC: A dumb amateur chef was busted for whipping up a batch of chicken a la cocaine. The Guatemalan gourmand was nabbed at Washington’s Dulles Airport trying to smuggle in a fully cooked chicken stuffed with $4,000 worth of the white powder narcotic.

I like it — chicken a la cocaine.  Is that anything like coq au vin?

England: Meanwhile, speaking of poultry, here’s a fowl fetish. A deranged man in England was accused of being a chicken licker. Adeel Ayub, 20, was charged with criminal damage after supermarket surveillance video caught him licking raw chickens and putting them back on the rack. He also smashed eggs and slashed customers’ garments.

Deranged, indeed… Chicken licking, ugh.

Charlotte, NC: North Carolina Alcohol Enforcement Agents busted a woman for allegedly selling moonshine out of her day-care center in Charlotte. There were kids inside the center when an undercover agent went in to buy two gallons of the rot  gut, authorities said. The woman claimed she was holding a package for someone and had no clue what was in it.

Boy, haven’t we heard that tale before!

Sao Paulo, Brazil: Brazil’s love affair with soccer made it easier for robbers to realize their goal and steal nearly $6 million. The crooks pulled off the break-in at a cash delivery company in Sao Paulo in early December 2009 on a Sunday, while the nation was riveted with the national soccer championships. A security guard in the building reported hearing loud noises, but he attributed them to fireworks set off by enthusiastic soccer fans, authorities were reported as saying.

Los Banditos Locos…

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