Weird Criminal Law Stories 124

New Zealand: She was a real boob! A New Zealand teenager who was flashing her breasts at passing drivers was run over by a motorist who was so distracted by the site that he ran off the road. Cherelle May Dudfield, 18, was only slightly hurt and was charged with disorderly conduct for the drunken stunt.

Yep, we thought alcohol might have been involved…

Keystone, CO: This is one about a woman who really wanted to ski for free. A woman tried to use her boyfriend’s ski pass in Keystone and prepared an explanation of why it had a man’s name. She told ski officials she was undergoing sex change surgery.  Police were called. They made a few telephone calls and busted her for fraud.

TV anyone?

United Kingdom: The next time you argue with your spouse over the TV remote, read what could happen. A British man was sentenced to three years in prison for killing his wife by hitting her on the head with the remote and causing a massive hemorrhage. It turned out the woman had a congenital weakness in a cranial artery.

Weirdest homicide I’ve heard of…

Wisconsin: A Wisconsin teenager who stole his foster parents’ car and fled to Tennessee with his 16-year old girlfriend was sentenced to a year in jail by a county judge — and then ordered not to date until his probation officer allows it. Jordan Christensen, 19, has to get permission to show a girl a good time for the three years he is on probation.

This could be hard on his his love life!

Toledo, OH: It was a secret shame one reader carried for 60 years  — the theft of a library book. The mystery person anonymously mailed a copy of “Napoleon” by Emil Ludwig to the Toledo Public Library a couple of weeks ago. “I removed this book from your stacks in 1949 and did not check it out. I apologize,” the person wrote to officials.

Guilt can be a bitch!

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