Weird Criminal Law Stories 129

Malaysia: Malaysian police arrested a Lebanese man with $66 million in counterfeit US currency after he left a $500 bill as a tip for hotel staff. Since the largest US note in circulation is a $100, staffers called police who found him in possession of phony $1 million, $100,000 and $500 bills.

It’s all about the “Benjamins!”

Florida: A Florida motorist ran a red light on US Highway 98 even though a deputy sheriff’s car was right behind him. Then he made a left turn, stopped his vehicle and tried to hide in the back seat. Police who arrested Charles Jesse Johnson, 40, found he had seven license suspensions and four revocations on his record.

He just can’t catch a break!

Sweden: A Swedish man who claimed to be confined to a wheelchair was nabbed for swindling the government disability system after police found a photo of him dancing with a costumed rabbit mascot at an amusement park. His relatives were also charged because the swindler claimed they were helping care for him.


Chico, CA: The owner of a Northern California medical marijuana club has been arrested — for selling marijuana. Joel Kelly Castle, 62, was arrested by Chico police for allegedly trading 2 ounces of marijuana for an item posted for sale on Craigslist. Castle, founder of the Chico Cannabis Club, was arrested at a motel where police allegedly found more than 5 pounds of pot and a loaded gun.

Boy, is he up in smoke.

New Hampshire: In some places this would be considered gold-digging. New Hampshire cops arrested a man and woman after the man called to complain that he had paid the woman for sex but she refused to go through with it. Both the 22-year old woman and the 32-year old man were hit with charges related to prostitution.

Sorta like married life….

England: A British man repeatedly got speeding tickets in the mail because he parked his car in the line of sight of a ticket camera that apparently couldn’t tell his car wasn’t moving. Jeff Buck contested the fines, which have all been thrown out. “I am amused, but angry I have to go to all this trouble,” he said.

Big Brother did not know what he was watching!

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