Weird Criminal Law Stories 130

Georgia: A preteen snitch sent his mom to jail after she forced him to kill his beloved pet hamster with a hammer after the boy got bad grades. The 12-year old told his teacher about the grisly punishment and she contacted children social services. The mom faces a charge of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Who was the bigger rat? The hamster, the mom or the boy? You choose.

Tennessee: Talk about criminal child abuse! Read this one. A Tennessee woman was arrested after getting her 11-year old son to commit armed robbery at the financial services offices where she once worked. As Angela Evans waited in the getaway car, her son walked in with a stocking mask over his face, held a gun to a woman’s head and took $480. Evans gave him $20 as his cut of the proceeds.

Bad mommy!  Baaaaad mommy!

Sheboygan, WI: A naked bid for leniency just did not work. Julia Laack, 36, of Sheboygan was sentenced to six months in jail for shoplifting. When police went to her home, the drunken Laack stripped down to her underwear and told them they couldn’t arrest her because she was naked. She eventually pleaded no contest.

Sounds like girls gone wild.

Pennsylvania: He made himself at home. A Pennsylvania man was stunned when he came home to find a burglar had broken in, cut his hair and had fried a whole chicken before trying to make off with valuables. Police said that the thief had even taken a shower and was sitting in front of the the TV when the homeowner walked in.

Talk about chuptza!

Oregon: This guy saved cops a bit of work. A man was arrested for trying to break into an Oregon prison. The man was spotted scaling a fence near an area where prisoners are taken into the jail. He later told police he was drunk and high, and tried to climb the fence only when no one answered the door.


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