Weird Criminal Law Stories 142

Volusia County, FL: Some people do not like being the butt of a practical joke!  The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported in February 2010, that a Volusia County man had his pants pulled down by his roommate as he climbed a ladder, so he responded by pulling a gun and knife on his pants pulling roommate.  The prankster suffered cuts to his hand during the confrontation that followed — and also had the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun pressed against the back of his head.  After being released from the hospital, he trashed their house with barbecue sauce, fruit juice, cooking oil, mustard, gasoline and a fire extinguisher.  Police are looking for him.

The headline read: “Volusia man gets pantsed, grabs shotgun and goes after prankster.” Good headline, but it just doesn’t tell the whole story.

Burbank, CA: Actually, cancer is kind of like a weapon of mass destruction, isn’t it?  Nuclear detecting alarms were triggered at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank when a man who had just undergone radiation therapy tried to board a plane. Officials, fearing the worst, shut down the airport  for about 45 minutes until they were able to confirm the man’s story.

It’s good to be cautious in this era of butt-bombers and underwear bombers.

England:  A British physician was fired after he accidentally fitted an elderly patient with a prosthetic leg that left him with two left feet.  The patient couldn’t figure out why he found himself leaning to one side, and figured it was just part of the breaking-in process.  But after several months, the mistake was discovered.

Birdsong smells a malpractice suit here…

Tampa, FL: February 17, 2010, it is reported that a “jiggle joint” has relocated its “stripper mobile” to Tampa, after it was banned from the roads in Las Vegas for being too distracting.  The vehicle is a large truck with plexiglass sides housing a dancer and a stripper pole.  It drives around advertising the Deja Vu gentlemen’s club.

If it is too risque for Vegas, it must be good!

Tampa, FL: February 21, 2010.  City fathers in Tampa have put the brakes on the “stripper mobile.”  Officials didn’t think public sensibilities could handle seeing the moving ad for the Deja Vu gentlemen’s club, in which strippers dance in a plexiglass box pulled by an SUV.  “We’ll modify performances based on the demographic in certain areas,” club owner Luke Lirot said.

I just bet they will!

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