Weird Criminal Law Stories 143

Pooler, GA:  It was Valentine’s Day but there was no love lost between these two.  Georgia police arrested a woman who went to a Waffle House in Pooler on Valentine’s Day 2010, and allegedly hit her ex-lover in the face with her high-heeled shoe.  Police said the victim told them he was at a booth with his girlfriend when two sisters — one of them the mother of his kids, came in.

Yep, no love lost when he was with his new girlfriend.

Uniontown, PA: Pennsylvania police arrested a 57 year old man, clad in just his underwear, when he jumped on the hood of his girlfriend’s moving car during a quarrel in sub-freezing temperatures.  Uniontown police received a report at 3:20 am of a man sitting on the hood of a car yelling at the woman behind the wheel.

I’ll bet liquor was somehow involved in this.

Idaho: An annulment might be the way to go here.  A 21 year old Idaho man was arrested twice on his wedding night.  Nathan Lewis got hammered at the reception and allegedly hit his new bride.  He was arrested and released, after which he came home and allegedly hit her again.

Seems like a fool in love never learns.

Denver, CO: Robin Hood has given up on the poor.  A man named Robin Hood is accused of stealing a wallet in Denver, and keeping all the money.  Hood, 34, also allegedly used the wallet owner’s ID to avoid being caught on a warrant.

Sounds like he needed Maid Marian.

New Zealand:  Romeo is supposed to stay outside the bedroom window.  A 18 year old lover boy in New Zealand was convicted of burglary after he broke into his girlfriend’s house to prepare her bedroom to make whoopee.  Unfortunately, he also stole some wine and cash before leaving her house.  He told police he “needed somewhere to do his thing.”

Whatever his “thing” might have been…

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