Weird Criminal Law Stories 144

South Korea:  This guy had no soul.  The owner of a second-hand shoe shop in South Korea was arrested for ripping off more than 1,200 pair of designer shoes, by pretending to be mourner.  Police said the thief went to funeral homes and hospitals and preyed on people who had taken off their footwear as a traditional sign of respect.

Lowly creature!  Sounds like shoe fetish to me.

Sandy, UT: This one is from the “honesty is the best policy” files.  A man in Sandy saw a stranger inside his house and asked him what he was doing there.  “I’m burglarizing your home,” answered the intruder, who was caught soon afterward.

He wins the prize as the world’s most honest burglar.

Salt Lake City, UT: Here’s another one from Utah.  Seems this type of thing would not happen in Utah.  A band teacher was arrested recently for driving drunk near Salt Lake City on her way to school at 8 am.  Jillene Elliot, 41, was allegedly so drunk that she kept nodding off when police questioned her.  She declined to take a Breathalyzer test.  Just as well, because she probably might have blown above a high C.


Erie County, NY: A Western New York teen has boogied his way into jail.  Erie County sheriff”s deputies arrested a drunken 18 year old after he allegedly caused $3,000 in damage to a home’s hardwood floor by break-dancing on it while wearing a large diamond belt buckle.  The teen faces a felony criminal mischief charge and a misdemeanor trespassing rap.

Tell me,  where does an 18 year old get a diamond belt buckle?

Lyon, NY: Here’s one way to completely demolish a relationship.  A jealous husband in upstate Lyon, used a backhoe to trash 30 demolition-derby cars because he thought his wife was having an affair with one of the vehicle owners.  He caused an estimated $40,000 in damage.

But the cars would have been demolished anyway… so why are there damages?

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