Weird Criminal Law Stories 145

Mobile County, AL:  The ABA Journal newsletter reports that a former Alabama Judge who was accused of paddling defendants has been disbarred.  Former judge Herman Thomas was disbarred in mid-February, 2010.  Tony McLain, general counsel of the Alabama State Bar, said there was evidence that Thomas paddled inmates and that he talked to inmates without attorneys present.  According to McLain, Thomas testified that he did spank five young men for discipline, but none of them were criminal defendants in his courtroom.  In October of 2009, jurors acquitted Thomas of some of the charges related to the spankings, and a judge threw out other charges after the jury could not reach verdicts.  The charges included sodomy, sex abuse and assault.  Prosecutors had claimed Thomas paddled defendants in exchange for leniency.  Thomas’ attorney, Robert “Cowboy Bob” Clark, had argued he shouldn’t be convicted on the word of 11 convicted felons.  Judge Thomas is currently campaigning for state senator.

Yeah… senator kinky!

Georgia: It seems that chicken wings might be more valuable than money.  Two hungry bandits in Georgia held up a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, but instead of taking cash, they took a large order of chicken wings.  As the deliveryman walked up to a house, the two men jumped out of some bushes with a gun.  One of them shouted, “Give me the wings.”

Your wings or your life….

Pine Lawn, MO: Police in Pine Lawn arrested an angry woman after she allegedly shot at her husband when he refused to give her some of their tax-return money.  Thankfully, she missed.  Assistant Police Chief Daniel O’Conner said the woman felt “more than justified” about the shooting.  Nevertheless, she’s been charged with first degree assault.

What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine….

Iowa City, IA: An Iowa City man was arrested for stealing a cellphone from a gym locker room and then sending 500 text messages.  Christopher Smead, 21, has been charged with fifth degree theft.

LOL, you’re busted!

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