Weird Criminal Law Stories 146

Tacoma, WA: No harm no foul, as they say.  Police in Tacoma received several calls reporting a naked woman tied to a tree in the park.  But when they arrived at the scene, they discovered it was just part of a “consensual rendezvous.” Neither the woman nor the man she was with was arrested.  So, that must mean it’s perfectly OK to tie a naked woman to a tree in a public park — as long as you have her permission.

Ain’t that a kick in the head!

South Bend, IN: Now this is really drunk!  Police in South Bend arrested a man for DWI after other motorists reported he was driving down the road with the hose from a gas pump dangling from his fuel tank.  He failed several field sobriety tests, and later blew a .13 on a Breathalyzer.


Memphis, TN: The mother of an elementary school student was busted after guzzling a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor and charging into the school with a sword to confront the parents of the child who had spat on her son.  She ran through the halls of Riverview Elementary School in Memphis and threatened to cut an employee, police reported.

Colt 45 and blind rage — now that’s a volatile mix!

Minneapolis, MN: A Minnesota appeals court ghoulishly ruled that zombies have a right to free speech.  The bone-chilling decision stemmed from the arrest of protesters dressed up as the undead, and acting like “zombies and walking erratically, in downtown Minneapolis.”

The headline read: “We’re here, we’re dead, get used to it!”

Switzerland: This one is about a driver who didn’t do his bit for the environment.  A Swiss driver accidentally hit the gas and plunged 30 feet into a giant recycling bin.  The man was only slightly hurt, but was given a $75 fine for mixing metals and plastics.


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