Weird Criminal Law Stories 147

Los Angeles, CA: An 80 year old California woman with a rap sheet dating back to 1955 thanked the judge who sentenced her to her latest three year stretch for not sending her to her least favorite jail.  “God bless you,” Doris Thompson said when informed she would not be headed to the Los Angeles County Jail.

Way to go granny con….

Germany: A German robber knocked over a bank branch twice in 24 hours, just a week after he had been released from prison — for robbing the same branch.  He even reminded the tellers who he was, shouting, “I was here yesterday, and I want money again today!”  He made off with $600 but was picked up three hours later.

Yep, old habits die hard….

Ohio: This thief is messing with the wrong guy.  An Ohio sheriff is offering a $1,000 reward from his own pocket for information leading to the arrest of whoever burglarized his house.  Sheriff Dave Phalen says the break-in proves crime knows no boundaries.

Poor guy.

Kentucky: This may not be the fellow you should go to for psychiatric advice.  Patients of a Kentucky psychiatrist, who is in jail for allegedly stabbing a woman with a sword, have been desperately trying to keep their appointments with him.  Police have had to turn away several of Dr. Douglas Rank’s patients, who are seeking to have him write prescriptions.


Louisiana: It’s weird but not true.  A Louisiana judge ordered a satirical Web site to pull a fake story about a giraffe that killed a tour guide at a local zoo, after the animal sanctuary filed a lawsuit calling the tale “malicious.” A lawyer for the Web operator argues that the story is satire and therefore, is protected free speech.

True that!

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