Weird Criminal Law Stories 148

Germany: How awkward could this have been! A woman in Germany called police after hearing strange sounds coming from her bedroom, only to turn beet red when officers discovered that her vibrator had accidentally turned on in a drawer.  “The tenant’s face abruptly changed color,” a police spokesman said. “The officers wished her a nice evening and left.”


California: The owner of a car wash said he was shocked when IRS agents came to his business and demanded he pay up what he owes — four cents.  As it turned out Aaron Zeff had failed to pay the handful of pennies back in 2006.  But with penalties and interest he now owes $202.35.


Hollywood, FL: She couldn’t have made it easier for cops.  Rebekah Tracht-Kader, 21, was pulled over by officers, who said her eyes were bloodshot and she smelled of booze and marijuana.  They searched her car and found some excellent evidence: a green plastic box helpfully labeled “Rebekah’s Pot.”

Sounds like a “good” search…

India: An elephant hired for a wedding in India went berserk and trampled a line of 20 limos, causing nearly $350,000 worth of damage.  It also rampaged through a shopping mall before handlers corralled it.

Tusk, tusk!

Daytona Beach, FL: Their cellphones may lead to jail cells.  Two Florida teenagers who have a lot to learn about being successful thieves were arrested after an emergency dispatcher in Daytona Beach overheard them planning to break into cars.  One of them, it seems, accidentally pressed a preset button that dials 911 while they were discussing which cars to target.

Criminals are stupid.  That’s why they get caught!

The Republic of Georgia: There is a fine line between the gulag and a monastic life.  The Republic of Georgia is mulling offering its criminals the option of going to jail or joining a monastery.  Only a select few will get the choice, though the idea was hatched to help ease prison overcrowding.


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