Weird Criminal Law Stories 149

Spokane, WA: Police in Spokane found $26,000 hidden in Lukeisha A. Harris’ very ample bra after she was busted in connection with an alleged fraud ring that authorities said used fake drivers licenses and counterfeit credit cards.  As the 6 foot, 400 pound Harris was being booked jail guards found the cash and bank receipts stashed in her bra.

She’s not fat though, she’s just big-boned….

Michigan: A Michigan appeals court overturned an assault conviction after the judge in the trial court failed to make the jury swear to God to return an honest decision.  Timothy Becktel will now get a new trial instead of 15 years in jail for nearly beating a man to death.

So much for separation between church and state!

Gallatin, TN: Erin Go Bragh… Two bank robbery suspects, including one dressed in a green leprechaun costume — including green top hat, vest, shorts and a fake brown beard and wig — were shot and killed after a St. Patrick’s’ Day chase and shootout with police in Gallatin.  The two held up the First State Bank in the Nashville suburb.  The costumed leprechaun was the gunman and his accomplice was the wheel man who waited in the getaway car.  The leprechaun ran from the bank holding a handgun and a bag of money.  As they drove away police gave chase, and the robbers fired on police.  After ditching their vehicle they ran into the woods and were killed during a shoot-out with police.  The pair has not yet been identified. Police say the case was reminiscent of the December 22 robbery in Nashville when a man dressed in a Santa suit — including hat and beard — held up a Sun Trust Bank.  No arrest was made in that case.

Same people? Inquiring minds want to know….

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