Weird Criminal Law Stories 150

Mozambique: How disquieting!  A farmer in Mozambique is insisting that two men he caught drunkenly having sex with one of his goats “marry” the beast in a traditional ceremony as part of the owner’s compensation.  The farmer says he is particularly interested in the traditional dowry.

Doesn’t the goat get a say in whether she wants to marry them!

Moscow, Russia: A sumo wrestler walked into a store in Moscow, picked up a 200-pound ATM and walked out with it on his shoulder.  The heavyweight thief made off with nearly $900 but was soon arrested.  The strongman told police he was a professional sumo wrestler.

Sumo wrestling seems to not be paying well these days!

Ohio: A sweet old guy he ain’t.  A 68 year old greeter at an Ohio Wal-Mart was arrested for repeatedly punching little kids.  Ralph Conone would sometimes wander up to kids as young as 7 and punch them while holding keys between his fingers.  His lawyer said Conone has mental health problems.


Indianapolis, IN: This one is about Chuck E. Cheese, home of wholesome, family fun — and one outrageously immoral parent.  An Indianapolis woman coaxed her 5 year old daughter into stealing a woman’s purse at the kid friendly pizza restaurant.  The woman urged the girl to “do it for Mommy.” Mom was arrested for theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

How low can you get, mom?

Israel: This one is about military justice and military stupidity. The Israeli army had to call off a West Bank anti-terror raid after a soldier posted details on his Facebook page before the operation was to begin.  The dopey soldier revealed the date, time and location of the assault.  He was sentenced to 10 days in the brig and removed from all combat.

Thank heavens….

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