Weird Criminal Law Stories 151

Florida: This one makes driving while texting seem absolutely safe.  Florida police arrested a woman who wrecked her car trying to shave her bikini area as she drove.  “She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready,” said Trooper Gary Dunick.

Only in Flori DUH!

Switzerland: A Swiss man was visiting a transsexual brothel when a fire broke out, forcing him to run out naked onto a widow ledge — where a photographer snapped a photo that ran in the local paper.  The man was released from a hospital after being treated for minor burns, but his reputation has been permanently wounded.

Really embarrassing…

Wichita, KS: Police found a man bleeding from the head in Wichita and told them he got the wound after handing a drug dealer Monopoly money in exchange for crack cocaine.  Police say they will charge the drug dealer with assault, even though the victim probably had it coming.

They say “crack is whack” don’t they?

North Carolina: This guy could be really popular in jail.  North Carolina police got involved in a wild, high-speed chase with a man driving a pink Lincoln Grand Marquis with Hello Kitty vanity plates.  Police caught up to Randel Levone Riggsbee when he crashed after going over a tire puncturing device.

Real popular…

Australia: A homeless man who was caught stuffing a beef tongue down his pants at an Australian supermarket surprised police when they found 12 pounds of rump steaks, lamb chops, limes and onions put down there as well.  The man claimed, quite reasonably, that he was really hungry.

Sounds like he was preparing a party in his pants!

Warren, MI: Authorities in Warren have taken a 3 year old boy into protective custody after his parents took him to a kiddie themed restaurant to celebrate his birthday — and left without him.  Then, it took them nearly two days to come for him.  Police say it is one of the most disturbing cases they have handled.

Indeed! Talk about one sad birthday present.

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