Weird Criminal Law Stories 153

Boulder, CO: A 52 year old Colorado woman has caused a sensation in her neighborhood by insisting on gardening wearing nothing but a yellow thong and pink gloves.  Police in boulder say Catharine Pierce is not breaking any laws, but neighbors are upset because there is a school nearby.  Pierce says forcing her to cover up would be a violation of her free speech rights.

What about our rights in not having to see a nude grandma!

Sacramento, CA: There may be racial profiling in this next one.  A California man named Calvin Ward is suing Sacramento police for repeatedly arresting him on warrants for a man named Calvin Phillips — even though he is black and the wanted man is white.  In addition, Ward — who has no criminal record  — is over six feet tall and Phillips is only 5-foot-8.

Sounds like the police need new glasses.

Russia: They call it Russian Roulette for a reason.  A guest ruined a Russian wedding by handing around a supposedly unloaded pistol, only to discover the gun was loaded when another guest put it to his head and pulled the trigger.  The man was critically wounded, and the gun owner was arrested.

What kind of wedding allows a pistol to be “handed around?”

Magnum, OK: An Oklahoma woman thought she was texting a friend when she wrote, “If you want a hit of this stuff before it’s all gone, you better get over here.”  Unfortunately she dialed the wrong number — it belonged to a drug task force agent.  He texted back for the address, she sent it, and police promptly got a warrant for her arrest.


Indonesia: Indonesian authorities arrested a 92 year old tiger poacher who claims he has slaughtered as many as 50 endangered Sumatran tigers, dating back to when he was 17.  The man faces up to five years in jail.  Scientist tell us that there are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.

It appears that the “eye of the tiger” caught up with him in his old age.

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