Weird Criminal Law Stories 154

Florida: The headline read: “Even rock stars aren’t this dumb about partying.”  A Florida man died of a drug overdose after celebrating passing his court ordered drug test by going out on a massive morphine binge.  After Michael Berg, 23, had been out drinking vodka and beer with friends he decided to drink a shot glass full of morphine and was found dead several hours later.

How foolish.  How sad…

Pittsburgh, PA: A fugitive wanted for bank robbery in Michigan is in a Pennsylvania jail after he walked out of a Pittsburgh hospital and into a bar wearing only his hospital gown, with an IV needle still in his arm.  Elbert Lewis Thompson II, 20, walked four blocks from Allegheny General Hospital to Jr’s Bar.  Police found he was wanted in Michigan after a traffic stop.  He had been hospitalized after saying he felt sick.

…sick of having no booze!

Washington: They say, all the technological innovation in the world can’t help a stupid criminal.  A 17 year old thief broke into a Washington state furniture store and before walking off with cash from the register logged into his MySpace page on the store computer.  This, of course, made it very easy for the police to track him down.

Criminals are stupid — that’s why we catch them!

Minnesota: He had a good reason to cry into his beer.  A Minnesota man has been sentenced to five years in jail for attacking a man in a fight over the last beer in a 12-pack.  The fight escalated to the point where Boonchom Soom Duangvela pulled a gun and police were forced to use a Taser to subdue him.

Good they were not fighting over the last biscuit!

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