Weird Criminal Law Stories 160

Vassalboro, ME: Maine police are hunting for a man who allegedly burned down the topless coffee shop where his girlfriend worked.  The blaze was set hours after the shop’s owner told the Town Council of Vassalboro that he planned to convert the place into strip club.  At last report, the suspect, Raymond Bellavance, 49, was still at large.

What a boob! I’ll bet alcohol was involved. Speaking of alcohol….

Lancaster, NY: In a strange case of law and order, a western New York man was charged with driving a lawn mower while drunk.  He allegedly had been joyriding on the mower down a busy street in Lancaster with a blood alcohol reading of nearly twice the legal limit.

Did they mean “lawn and order?”

Fort Walton Beach, FL: A 19 year old Fort Walton Beach woman was a passenger in a car driven by a friend who was pulled over for DUI.  That left her stranded, so police agreed to drive her home.  The officer took her to the police station instead, when he turned around and saw her chugging a can of beer in the back of his police car.

She just had to have that last beer…

Vermont: A Massachusetts man headed to a Vermont jail to serve time a two day DWI sentence was intoxicated when he drove himself to the jail.  The 42 year old offender showed up late at the Southern State Correctional Facility, and jailers noticed he was drunk. Jailers processed him on the spot for the second offense.

Seems no lessons learned here.

San Diego, CA: US border authorities arrested a man trying to enter from Mexico with two lawn mowers stuffed with the wrong type of grass.  The creative Mexican national tried to smuggle 53 pounds of marijuana, hidden in garden equipment, across the San Diego-Tijuana border.

How does his garden grow?

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