Weird Criminal Law Stories 175

Pennsylvania: It is reported that the United States’ first combination vending machines / Breathalyzers are being tested in Pennsylvania.  To buy wine, customers must insert their drivers license into the machine to prove they are over 21.  Their identities are verified by humans via video links.  They must next blow into the machine to prove their alcohol level is under 0.02.

So stupid.  Why not just go to the liquor store.

Sweden: A Swedish man waiting for doctors to treat his slashed leg got annoyed when he was not taken care of quickly enough.  So he sewed himself up.  “They had set out a needle and thread so I decided to do it myself,” he said.  officials were not amused.  They called the police who charged him with using hospital equipment without permission.

That is so doggone bogus!

Laconia, NH: This one is about a four legged thief.  It is reported that a bear strolled into a house in Laconia and walked out with a stuffed bear cub she found inside.  Mary beth Parkinson said the would be parent also ate two pears and a bunch of grapes and took a drink from the fishbowl.  The fish were not eaten.

She sounds smarter than the average bear….

Laporte, IN:  A policeman in Laporte was sent to the county fair to arrest a fugitive being held there.  That did not impress the gate attendant, who insisted the officer pay the full admission to get in.

Police don’t need to pay no “stinkin” admission to arrest a fugitive!

Modesto, CA:  A 33 year old Modesto meth-possession suspect somehow set off the sprinkler system throughout police headquarters when he was briefly left alone in an interrogation room.  Police said they had not handcuffed the suspect because he wasn’t combative.  One official said, “It was literally raining on the  first floor.

Maybe the suspect had tried to cook up a little more meth in the interrogation room…

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