Weird Criminal Law Stories 176

Mississippi: Two small time crooks tried to pass off blocks of wood covered in duct tape, bubble wrap and Toshiba labels as laptop computers.  However, their intended mark, an off duty Mississippi state trooper didn’t buy into the scam and arrested the blockheads.

Mental midgets…

Norwood, OH:  A woman in Norwood who had a few too many  drinks called 911 to ask dispatchers to go out with her because she couldn’t get a date.  Of course, she now has date — a court date.  Yes, she was charged with disorderly conduct.

Don’t call 911 when you’re drunk!

Malaysia:  Officials in Malaysia have figured out how to end an epidemic of unwed underage mothers — let them get married.  Officials decided to allow girls younger than 16 to marry their babies fathers after one hundred and eleven underage girls got pregnant in the first four months of 2010.  The decision has outraged the nation’s Muslims and feminists alike.

Officials at first believed that it was something in the air…then they realized it was the young girls’ legs  had been up in the air.

Salisbury, NC: A woman’s attempt at art criticism has gotten her arrested.  Ann Carve, 56, allegedly stole a pair of men’s undershorts from the front of a Salisbury gallery where they had been hanging as part of an art installation. She believed the display was disgusting.

Boxers or briefs?

Saginaw, MI:  A 17 year old allegedly having a sexual relationship with his teacher at Freeland High School in Saginaw turned in his teacher when he suspected she was cheating on him with the assistant principal.  The assistant principal resigned and the teacher is on trial for sexual assault.

The revenge of the nerd.

Crescent City, CA: A supply store manager used his morning cup of coffee to ward off a hammer wielding masked intruder.  As the would be thief ran at Chris Hegnes with his hammer raised and ready to strike, the quick witted worker threw his hot coffee in the man’s face.  The bandito fled.

Nothin’ like a hot cup of Joe in the morning…

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