Weird Criminal Law Stories 177

Fayetteville, NC:  The headline could have read: “A customer at a Krispy Kreme got a box full of doughnuts with only the dough.” It appears that before taking the store’s receipts to the bank, a manager had put $5,000 in a doughnut box.  A careless clerk handed the box to a customer, who has not been seen since.


Lockport, NY: A witness gave police in upstate New York a very good description of a man involved in a fatal shooting.  The problem is the description fits twin brothers and the officers have not figured out which one to charge.  Ironically, the twins made it even more difficult for authorities when they came to court dressed in identical clothing.

Double your pleasure, double your fun…

Kauffman County, TX: Texans and their guns go together.  Burglars broke into the home of Bruce Garner in June of 1989 and stole his H&R nine shot revolver.  The thief was never caught but Kauffman County Sheriff’s deputies recently found the revolver at a pawn shop and traced it to Garner who is now 59 years old.


Los Angeles, CA:  Would anyone want to buy a black market piranha?  A man in LA was arrested for running a ring smuggling the ravenous river fish of Brazil into the U.S.  He also allegedly tried to sell illicit freshwater stingrays on the black market.


Bethlehem, PA:  A woman dressed like a clown in a multicolor wig claimed to have a bomb as she held up a Bethlehem bank.  Police nabbed her as she was changing out of her costume in a car.

Bozo lives!

Illinois:  A nauseous school bus driver carrying dozens of children opened the door so he could vomit, but ended up falling out of the bus.  The bus continued on without him, crashed, and rolled into a ditch.  Of course, the Illinois bus company is being sued by parents.  A company spokesman says that safety remains “a top priority.”


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