Weird Criminal Law Stories 178

Pennsylvania: Two teenagers were arrested at a Subway restaurant for allegedly passing counterfeit $20 bills that they made on their computers.  Daniel Buskirk, 19, admitted that he and Adam Wehr, 18, decided in April 2010 to become counterfeiters in order to cover the expense of repairing their cars, police reported.  The pair allegedly used an accomplice, who worked at Subway, to exchange their phony money for the real.

Nope —  The crime doesn’t pay for foot  longs.

Owen Sound, Ontario: It is unwise to text message while driving…anything.  A teenager riding his bicycle in Owen Sound, was charged with careless driving after he became distracted while typing  out a message and crashed into a parked car.  The impact hurled him into the rear window of the car, smashing it.  The 16 year old suffered only minor bruises, it is reported.

And we thought careless driving only applied to motorized vehicles.  Oh well…

The American South: Superman comes to the rescue! He has rescued a family facing foreclosure.  The family was packing to leave their home in the  southern part of the country –  the exact location of which they do not wish to disclose — and when they got to the basement, stumbled upon a copy of the very first comic in which Superman appeared.  The comic book is expected to sell for at least $250,000 at auction.

The man of steel does it again!

Cincinnati, OH:  Jizelle Allen was clocked  in her car going 78 mph in Cincinnati.   Police gave chase with sirens blasting.  Upon hearing the sirens Allen slowed down to the 55 mph speed limit and stopped at all red lights until she reached her home.  But when Allen stopped, as a result of running over stop sticks that punctured her tires yards from her house, she refused to get out  and struggled with police trying to remove her.  She finally had to be tasered. That got her out.


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