Weird Criminal Law Stories 179

Shanghai, China:  A report shows that a 28 year old  Chinese man filmed himself diving beneath a train roaring into a Shanghai subway station because he thought it would be interesting.  And it was interesting to the Shanghai police who arrested him.  The man allegedly got beneath the train as it was about to hit him.  “I thought if I filmed from under the train, I would get a great view down there as the train passed over,” he said.


Easton, PA:  The report says that the groom wore handcuffs and in  a jumpsuit.  Judge Leonard Zito did double duty in his Easton courtroom recently.  He first held a hearing for drug suspect Franklin Brandt, then he presided over Brandt’s wedding to his fiancee Takesha Piazza.  “We’re a full service court,” explained Judge Zito.

I didn’t do it…….I do….

Charlotte, NC:  A landlord found an  interesting way to get back at tenants who owe him at least two months back rent.  He painted the words “deadbeat tenant” on the house.  The renters called police.  The police declined to charge the landlord, stating that spray painting one’s own property is no crime.


Chicago, IL:  A Chicago man allegedly put up a fake Craigslist ad with his sister’s phone number and address, saying she wanted to give away all her belongings.  Bargain hunters flooded her Joliet, Illinois home.  Her brother was charged with disorderly conduct.

Doesn’t sound like disorderly conduct, sounds more like malicious conduct.

New Mexico:  Descendants of legendary old west lawman Pat Garrett have urged New Mexico’s governor to reject a plan to posthumously pardon Billy the Kid.  The notorious outlaw was killed in 1881 by Garrett, whose relatives contend such a move would tarnish their ancestor’s honor.  One of them, Pauline Garrett Tillinghast, said, “We have a tendency unfortunately in this country to glorify criminals.”

True That…

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