Weird Criminal Law Stories 180

Pittsburgh, PA: Heard the one about the naked burglar?  Here it is. Anthony Kushner, 29, allegedly burglarized a house in the Pittsburgh area.  Once inside he took off all his clothes, made himself a meal from the refrigerator, and then took a nap.  Of course, the homeowners were surprised when they found him asleep in their home –naked.  Police were called.  Kushner was arrested.

If you are going to go commando Anthony, it is best to do it in your own home.

ITALY: A woman was arrested on an Italian topless beach this summer for rubbing on sunscreen in an overly sensuous manner.  It  is reported that a mother who was with her two teenage sons on the beach looked on in shock and called the police, who filed a lewdness complaint against the woman for an act of “extreme sensuality.”

A shocking report!  Now for a few questions for the Italian authorities about this: 1) Why would a mother take not one, but two teenage sons to a topless beach; 2) what distinguishes “sensuality” from “extreme sensuality; finally, 3)  When did “extreme sensuality” become a crime…?? Inquiring minds want to know…

SWEDEN: A Swedish millionaire took his Mercedes-Benz Gullwing sports car for a 180 mph ride  on a Swiss highway and received the largest traffic ticket ever issued anywhere in the world — $1 million dollars.  He was caught  speeding by a traffic camera.  The ticket was sso expensive because traffic fines in Switzerland are based on the violater’s net worth.

AUSTRALIA:  Police in Australia were startled when a psychic led them to the torso of a slain woman.  This came as a result of them asking for help in finding a missing 6 year old girl.  The mentalist, Cheryl Carroll-Landerwy, directed authorities to a remote aboriginal reserve where they stumbled on the dismembered body of a Sydney woman.  Police report that the 6 year old remains missing.

Oooopppss…  right church, wrong pew.

Los Angeles, CA: Nancy Salas, 22, was sentenced to three years probation and 100 hours of community service in August, 2010, for faking her own disappearance.  Ms. Salas admitted that she had run away in May, spurring a massive search for her.  She turned up 250 miles north and falsely told police she had been kidnapped.  She, further revealed, that she had been telling her family she was graduating from UCLA, although she had not attended the school since 2008.

Naughty, naughty school girl!

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