Weird Criminal Law Stories 181

FRANCE: It has been reported recently that in Paris a crew of teenage girls have been robbing men at ATM machines by distracting them by flashing their bare breasts, then swiping their money.  The three girls who were arrested in mid August  were found to have stolen about $1,000.

The headline read: “A new meaning to the  phrase booby trap.”

Chicago, IL:  Speaking of boobies, we learn that  Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre thought he was jumping onto soft grass when he leaped from a third floor window in Chicago to flee police.  The grass turned out to be astroturf.  That did not stop “Boobie’s” escape attempt.  “Boobie,”  who was wanted on a warrant as a deadbeat dad who owed back child support tried to continue his getaway by crawling on his two broken legs.  He did not get far before police arrested him.

That’s what you get “Boobie” for making whoopee and not making payments for those babies!

ENGLAND: A hairdresser in England was shocked when she received a $600,000 tip from a loyal customer, and was even more shocked when a judge made her give the money back.  Jill Fraser, 72, was left the tip in the will of Ethel Wilson, whose hair Fraser had cut for 40 years.  However, a judge overruled the will, and decided that Wilson’s relatives deserved the cash.

Sounds contrary to the Cy Pres doctrine to Birdsong!

Galloway, OH: Employees at a Galloway bank thought a robber looked familiar — because he was a regular customer.  Alan Garrett, 43, managed his getaway, but then, figuring the jig was up, turned himself in before police could arrest him authorities said.

How stupid, how desperate was he for some cash?  Or, did he just want to go to jail?  Criminals do strange things, ya’ know.

Fayetteville, NC:  A courtroom visitor in Fayetteville starting giggling as the judge entered the courtroom while the bailiff intoned “Here comes the Judge.”  When the visitor could not stop giggling the judge threw him in jail for contempt of court.  It was only supposed to be until the end of the day.  However, deputies found three grams of crack on him and he got charged with a drug rap.

Bet he ain’t gigling now.  What kind of fool walks into court with three grams of crack on him.

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