Weird Criminal Law Stories 182

Cypress, CA: The headquarters of the Orange County police force had to be closed down and the bomb squad called in.  This after a mysterious box showed up and spooked nervous lawmen.  As it turned out, the package only contained a 45 rpm record by the Carpenters and a note asking police to please find the owner.

Bet you don’t remember the names of any of the Carpenters’ songs, do you?

North Carolina:  The New York Post reports that a North Carolina inmate caused a “spectacle” when, in a fit of rage, he ate  the classes of a another jail prisoner. It appears that the convict was angry at not being able to talk to the jail Chaplin, and took out his fury by swallowing the lenses and frames of the other prisoner.  He was hospitalized and doctors have found that the glasses did not cause any permanent damage.

Let’s hope he uses stool softener for the next few days…

ENGLAND:  An English cricket star said he was trying to rescue his cat when police arrested him for DWI.  Graeme Swann, 32, told police he had been out with friends before returning  to his Nottinghamshire home and discovering his pet trapped under the floorboards.  So he had no choice but to race to a local market to get tools to rescue his pet, Swann told police.

If  they believe this story I have bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell them!

Atlanta, GA: A SWAT team was called to an Atlanta university campus after there was a report of a person with a weapon.  As it turned out the “armed” man was only carrying an umbrella with a handle that looked like the hilt of a samurai sword.

OMG — One can not be too carful these days.  Samurai warrior attacks are on the increase.

Tukwila, WA: A state trooper chasing two men on motorcycles flipped over his patrol car on I-5 near Tukwila.  Instead of racing away, the men stopped their cycles, pointed at the upside down trooper and laughed.  They then took off.

Yes, it does sound like  a scene from the old movie “Smokey and the Bandit.”

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