Weird Criminal Law Stories 183

Elma, WA: A couple entered a home in Elma and undressed.  They then made a sex video.  When the neighbor of the vacationing homeowners stopped by to pick up the mail, the porn stars fled, leaving their camera behind.  Police studied ( and studied) the X-rated evidence and arrested the woman.  They are still looking for the man.

Lust is something…

Germany: A German bank robber was  arrested after emailing police and two newspapers to point out factual errors in their reports concerning his robberies.  The 19 year old mocked the police for getting his age, height and accent wrong, and then pointed out the he had escaped in a car and not on foot.


Buffalo, NY:  How about this.  It is reported that a bank robber forgot to put on his mask during the heist.  The robber walked into an HSBC branch in August with a construction dust mask around his neck, leaving his face uncovered for cameras.  He then received a cell phone call, which police maintain must have come from an accomplice, telling him he forgot to put on his mask.  The would be robber then ran out of the bank while puling on his mask.  Police are searching for him.

And we thought the German robber was dumb!

Washington:  A 31 year old bride leaving her bachelorette party  was arrested for DUI hours before her wedding.  State troopers in Washington state expedited her processing and allowed her to take a taxi home to be on time for her early afternoon wedding.

Here comes the bride…in a cab….

Damascus, OR:  The headline read: “This kid certainly has drive.”  A 12 year old boy in Damascus obtained permission to drive his family’s pickup truck to the end of their driveway to unload the trash.  He, instead, took the truck on a 100 mile ride before police finally stopped him.

Hell of a long driveway…

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