Weird Criminal Law Stories 184

Upper Marlboro, MD: The New York Post reports this story:  Getting into a car accident was bad enough, but what happened to a Maryland man at the hospital was even worse.  Joseph Wheeler woke up in an Upper Marlboro hospital to find that he had been misidentified and was being prepped for lung cancer surgery!  It appears the nurse refused to believe he had been in an accident.  Wheeler tried to leave but guard assaulted him to stop him from leaving.  it is now reported that Wheeler is suing the hospital for more than $10 million.

He’ll settle for $1 million and be satisfied… he still has both lungs.

Portland, OR:  Two Portland men were arrested recently for shoplifting from a store while it was holding a police charity event called Shop with a Cop.  There were at least 30 officers at the Fred Meyer store when Shane Alexander and Jason Vantress were spotted allegedly leaving with the loot and were promptly arrested.


Canada: Seems as if marijuana growers in Canada have been using bears to protect their crops, however, the well fed animals are often apparently dazed and confused on the job.  Police discovered the bear guards while dismantling two large outdoor plots of marijuana in British Columbia.  Police report the bears did little to protect the pot from police.

Well of course not!  The bears were stoned!  They had been eating the pot….

Mexico:  Here’s a funny one reported on the post Wire Services.  Bandits in Mexico were paid peanuts. Two men who hijacked a truck at gunpoint thought they had made a big score only find the truck was loaded with peanuts.  The men tried to take the loot anyway, but police soon arrested them.

Yes, yes we know, the police then put them in the can!

Germany:  A man in Germany was shot in the head five years ago and did not realize it.  He was hit by a .22 caliber bullet while drunk.  It was New year’s Eve 2005 and he had been partying on the streets of the town of Herne.  The bullet did not penetrate his skull.  He only consulted a doctor when he felt a lump on the back of his head, and a X-ray revealed the bullet lodged just under his skin.

Thank heaven for hard headed Germans, huh!

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