Weird Criminal Law Stories 191

York, PA:  How about this!  A thief in York returned a man’s wallet, cell phone and ipod when the victim said he was homeless and that those three possessions were the only things in the word he owned.  The 22 year old thief is reported to have said to the victim, “I can respect that,” as he returned the man’s possessions to him.

A true good Samaritan!

Canada: We learn that Jos Potvin, 75, of Quebec, rigged a rifle to a string on his floor to protect his house from burglars.  Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Potvin forgot about the trap gun he  had set up.  Why?  Because one day recently while making dinner he tripped over the wire and fatally shot himself, according to police authorities.

I guess we can call that a real “booby trap.”  Guess who was the “booby” that got trapped?”

Lewiston, ID: This news came about during Halloween 2010.  Idaho authorities forced two enterprising vendors to shut down their front yard  Halloween pumpkin stand because they did not have a permit.  Of course, they had no permit.  The police report reveals that the offenders Dan and Kami were 4 and 6 years old, respectively.

An example of why capitalism is on the decline in idaho…

Cincinnati, OH:  It was an assault case. The jury had been seated in the jury box.  As lawyers began their opening statements, one of the jurors suddenly realized that she had seen the assault.  The judge was forced to declare a mistrial.  We learn that the juror will be back for the re-trial of the case.  However, this time she will be testifying for the prosecution.

What a weird world we live in….

Williston, ND: A 21 year old in Williston was arrested recently after he drew his handgun and fired a bullet at point blank range into a men’s room urinal at a local bar.  No word on what the urinal had done to the man.

Who knows what “pisses” some people off…

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