Weird Criminal Law Stories 192

Saudi Arabia: It has been reported that a Saudi court called a “genie” as a witness.  The genie was questioned by a traditional “ruqyq,” who claims the mystical spirit spoke to him as part of a corruption case against a judge.  The judge contends that the genie possessed him.  He further testified that the genie did not grant him any wishes.

Sounds like genies are getting as tight as everyone else!

Germany: An elderly German couple, old enough to have lived through World War II, were slightly injured when they put a log in their fireplace, and a 70 year old bullet that had been lodged in the wood exploded, authorities report.

Chitty, Chitty, bang, bang…

Capitola. CA: We hear that a bank robber in Capitola needed to get away quickly, but had no car. He did have cash on him, though.  After holding up a Bank of the West branch, the robber was seen offering bystanders $1,000 for a ride.  In minutes some one took him up on the offer.  The robber got away.

…and the bystander is now an accomplice to bank robbry! Dope!

England: Perhaps we should call him the hungry horseman. However, we are not sure what law he broke.  A man was arrested recently in Liverpool after he rode his own horse and led his other horse  through a McDonald’s restaurant drive-thru window line where he ordered a late night snack after a day of show-jumping competition.

Seems like it would only been against the law if he brought the horses inside the restaurant.

Groveland, MA: We learn that Police Officer Aaron Yeo of Groveland was relieved of his duties and fired from the force after police authorities planted spyware on his work computer and found him looking for women on MySpace and watching body building videos, cartoon shows and other TV shows.  Among those TV shows it seems like his favorite was “The Biggest Loser.”

Ironic, no?

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