Weird Criminal Law Stories 196

Pennsylvania: The New York Post called it a “Crime of Fashion.”  Kyle Eckman, a Pennsylvania, man, was caught trying to shoplift a pair of high heel pumps after he put them on and attempted to casually walk out of  a women’s shoe store.  Keen eyed employees watched Eckman as he brazenly tottered in the size 10 shoes.  the shoes were recovered.  No word on whether an arrest was made.

Wonder if the high heel pumps looked good on him?

Erie, PA:  Here’s another weird one from Pennsylvania.  Ricky Scott, 38, was caught and marked as a dirty criminal for allegedly stealing $86 worth of body soap from an Erie convenience store.

Splish Splash…guess who needed a bath….

England: Three teenagers from Hull, England, scammed cash by  advising people they needed sponsors for participating in a charity run.  Of course, they had no intention of even taking part in the event.  A judge fashioned a novel sentence for them after they were caught — they were made to complete the 10 mile run with police watching their every stride.

Pant, Pant….

Pittsburgh, PA: A man accidentally set fire to his house while burning photos of his former girlfriend.  the 33 year old man and his new girlfriend were in the house when the burning photos ignited other objects in the house.

Sounds like some kind of  weird poetic justice.

Clarence, NY:  A man seeking to score some drugs in upstate New York recently  misdialed his drug connection and got instead got a hold of the sheriff’s Crime Stoppers number.  as one might imagine, the detective who answered the call was happy to set up a meeting.

What a dunce!

Windsor, Canada:  An unidentified American man, who just won $20,000 at a Windsor, Ontario casino did not declare the cash as required by law as he crossed the border into Michigan.  The U.s. Border Patrol seized all the money.  The man had tried to get around the law that mandates that cash sums of more than $10,000 be declared, by splitting the money between himself and a friend.

Oh, those pesky money laundering laws!

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