Weird Criminal Law Stories 197

San Diego, CA: Superior Court Judge, DeAnn Salcido, resigned recently after a judicial oversight committee found that she had used her courtroom to shoot a reality show pitch and frequently made off color jokes from the bench.  She once advised a defendant that he would be screwed if he did not follow the terms of probation, adding, “We don’t offer Vaseline for that.”

That’s one tough judge!

Boston, MA: This about good bridesmaids.  The group of bridesmaids were inside a limo in front of the church just before the wedding when a bandit smashed a window with a hammer ordered them all out and stole the car.  Despite the carjacking the bridesmaids did not say a word to the bride until after the wedding ceremony was over so as not to upset her.

Dude, where is my limo?

New Hampshire: A woman who had allegedly just robbed a pharmacy was arrested by police after a witness spotted the vanity license plate on her getaway car.  The license read B-USHER.  A short time later Bonnie Usher, 43, was arrested.


California: How about this one.  A California man proposed to his girlfriend outside a hamburger restaurant.  He wrote “Stacy will you marry me?” on the rear window of his car.  When she turned down his proposal  he tried to run her over.  Francisco Hernandez, 22, drove his car onto the sidewalk and just missed hitting Stacy, police report. Hernandez fled the area but was arrested later as he walked down the street with a bouquet of flowers.

Now we know why she turned him down.

Lincoln, NE: A 19 year old woman in Lincoln has been charged with trying to carve her tattooed name off her boyfriend’s neck.  We are told he was not badly hurt.

Guess this was her way of breaking up with him.

Oklahoma City, OK:Kimberly Marie Williams, 25, was found passed out in an Oklahoma city grocery stored as her children played nearby.  When police asked her how much she has been drinking, she replied, “Not enough.”

Children can often make one feel that way!

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